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Common Causes of Female Hair Loss

April 13, 2012 by Elaine208293   Comments (0)

The hair is a person, especially causes of hair loss in women for the coronation of the female population, which directly links the sense of the beauty of the hair. Thus, it is a nightmare for any woman to wake up every day and know that they are losing significant strands hair.

For is many years, countless women have been complaining from thinning hair and eventually hair loss. More doctors and dermatologists are receiving patients who nizoral hair loss are most concerned about is more of an alarm baldness.

Hair loss in women than in men. It is because it is a common and obvious knowledge that men are more prone to hair loss, especially when they are older. There is even with the aging process are connected in men.

But for women, it's a different story. Female hair loss is a serious practical problem, because it does not happen unless there is a physiological problem within the female body.

Statistics how the approximately 25 million women in the United States alone, for fear that the suffering caused by hair loss. The number seems to be rising. There is also a rising volume of such a problem in other parts of the world.

Genetic problem

Readily, several experts easily blame hereditary factors for female hair loss would be. But by the countless studies that were conducted over the years, it is found that female hair loss is not caused primarily inheritance.

It by genetic noted that there may be chances that a woman who soon mother never bald when she gets older. There is a slim chance that female hair loss from parents to offspring that can be passed.

So if that's the case, what are the causes of female hair loss?

Hormonal imbalance

The most scientific explanation for female hair loss affects a hormonal imbalance. The female hormone, estrogen is involved in many bodily functions fall within the female body.

If estrogen levels below the levels of nutrients would be seriously affected hair follicles and secrete the hormone would not be necessary enzymes to maintain hair.

Thus are women who complain of post-menopausal stages of hair loss are more events. This is because when a woman in the menopause stage, the secretion of estrogen in the body changed and reduced.

Therefore, such a hair loss occurrence is linked to aging because menopause occurs in women when she enters the late adulthood phase, usually at the age of 50 years and above.

Women that are not yet in their menopause experience hormonal imbalance if taking they regularly the pill. Informed that the pill also to the secretion of estrogen, so that their values ​​are less than optimal for potential pregnancy.

Childbirth, anemia and blood toxicity

Women more prone to experience hair loss after they have given birth. This is because the process of childbirth is so tedious and nutrient-consuming that several minerals and vitamins in the female body are also indicated by depleted.

Anemia hair loss in women. Iron deficiency is the main culprit, which can also affect the quality and volume of medical drugs hair.

Other represent threats to women's coronation. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy were expected to suffer from hair loss. Fortunately, for most cases the hair is restored after complete recovery.

Surgical operations would cause hair loss, particularly in women. It is estimated that about two to three months after a serious operation, some hair would be lost. This is part of the body's coping mechanism to stress and pain care suffered.

Hair deficiencies

If the female hair loss is not by any of the above is due, it would certainly be the regimen.

When by improper and inadequate hair care hair products, they are caused is imperative that women pay particular attention to the chemical composition. There are several shampoo brands trigger hair loss due to its harsh contents and ingredients.

Moreover, there are some hair treatments and styling products that greatly damage the hair and scalp, making hair fall too fast and a thin out.

It is recommended that before subjecting your hair into any kind of treatment or aesthetic product, you should first tell your doctor or dermatologist to determine if the product is really safe and equipped for your hair type.

Also make sure that new products are safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the general safety.

Combing frequent bathing is approved would also contribute significantly to hair loss in women, so be very careful when doing tasks.

Hair is important that women as much as beautiful skin is important for them. It is therefore essential that women be paid special attention to the needs of their hair and be very careful when using any new product.

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